Modern Warfare 2 campaign Xbox

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's campaign is now out in the wild, with digital owners across all systems granted early access ahead of next week's launch. While a lot of attention will undoubtedly be on multiplayer come October 28th, campaign is getting its time to shine, and it's safe to say fans are very impressed so far.

Across both Xbox Series X and Series S, players are lauding just how good the game looks and plays in its current state. Here's a clip of one of the game's early missions on Xbox Series X, currently top of the console's Reddit homepage:

Over on Xbox Series S, YouTuber The Xbox Tester has been, well, testing MW2 out on Microsoft's all-digital console. They've uploaded a good two hours of footage from the game running on Series S, and it's safe to say it's looking impressive there as well.

If you don't want to spoil too much of the game's campaign for yourself, some impressive Xbox screenshots are also doing the rounds over on Twitter. Remember, this is running in the game's 120FPS mode, and it still looks this good on Xbox Series X!

Modern Warfare 2 launches next Friday, October 28th in its full form, however, you can play the game's campaign right now with a digital pre-order. Here's all the info on MW2's release dates, release times and pre-load details on Xbox:

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