Modern Warfare 2 Xbox Release time

Ahead of Modern Warfare 2's big release later this week, developer Infinity Ward has unleashed a bucketload of info about the game's launch, including all the release day details on Xbox platforms. Campaign early access is now available for digital pre-orders, with all eyes now focused on the game's full launch.

Anyway, here's everything you need to know about Modern Warfare 2's Xbox launch:

Modern Warfare 2 Release Date For Xbox

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 hits Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on October 28th, 2022. If you're going digital with this year's release, you'll also have exclusive early access to the game's full campaign from October 20th.

Warzone 2.0, the free-to-play successor to 2020's Warzone battle royale, then launches on Xbox the following month. Warzone 2.0 hits Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on November 16th, 2022, with specific timings coming at a later date.

Modern Warfare 2 Release Times For Xbox

How To Play The Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Early

If you've pre-ordered Modern Warfare 2 digitally on Xbox, you can play the full campaign from October 20th at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST. Physical pre-orders will have to wait for the full launch date to play any part of Modern Warfare 2, campaign included.

Modern Warfare 2 Full Game Release Time

Just over a week after digital early access, the full version of Modern Warfare 2 is set to release. Infinity Ward has revealed that MW2 will go live at midnight local time on October 28th (so, one minute after 11:59pm on the 27th). Here in the UK it'll be 12am BST, over in the US 12am PST, 12am EST, etc.

Modern Warfare 2 Preload Times For Xbox

Modern Warfare 2 pre-load has been available on Xbox since October 19th. At the moment, the full game on Xbox Series X is roughly 90GB, with an extra 20GB or so currently required as 'reserved data'. With this installed, you'll be good to go for the full launch on October 27th/28th, barring any day one updates of course.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Release Date, Release Times & Preload Details On Xbox 2

Alongside all the info on Modern Warfare 2 release times, Infinity Ward has also dropped a bunch of intel on what to expect from the game at launch and beyond. This includes everything from weapons and operators to game modes and Spec Ops mission details; the blog post is well worth a look if you want to read over everything that MW2 will serve up on Xbox this October!

Are you looking forward to the full launch? Let us know down below.