UPspec gaming, the company behind the Xbox Series S xScreen attachment, has overhauled its shipping processes to make the product more accessible worldwide. The move mostly benefits American customers at present, with the move to a US-based shipping system from the previous Australian location.

The upshot of the move is that shipping is now much cheaper for US customers, which probably broadens UPspec's market quite a bit. We thought the device was a great little accessory for Series S users when we went hands on earlier this year, especially if travel is part of your regular gaming routine.

UPspec is also making positive changes for customers globally, which is a bonus. Worldwide postage now calculates shipping and tax expenses at checkout, making the whole process a clearer one for potential buyers. This isn't a particularly cheap accessory, so it's great to see the company be more upfront about costs before shipping out to customers.

The xScreen is now back in stock online for anyone who's looking to pick one up! Over here in the UK, pricing before shipping is set at £219.

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