Even Microsoft Is Intrigued By The 'xScreen' For Xbox Series S

You've probably seen us talking about the "xScreen" by now — a new accessory for the Xbox Series S by Upspec Gaming, which essentially allows you to turn your console into a portable system, albeit still requiring a power outlet.

There's clearly been a lot of interest in this thing over the past couple of months, with even former Gears of War chief Rod Fergusson showing his off on Twitter recently, and now Xbox's Major Nelson has also got his hands on one:

So yes, even though it's not an official Xbox product (it's not even included in the "Designed for Xbox" program), it's set to be included in the next episode of the official Xbox podcast, with Microsoft clearly showing intrigue in it.

Here at Pure Xbox, we reviewed the xScreen and called it a "brilliant plug-and-play companion", stating that "if you're a regular Series S user who's interested in a more portable setup, we wholeheartedly recommend this device."

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