Rumour: Microsoft Paid For 'Chip Priority' To Increase Xbox Series X|S Stock Last Year

We've been seeing stock of Xbox Series S and particularly Xbox Series X consoles continue to become more plentiful over the past six months or so, mostly at the back end of 2021, and it seems there's a good reason for that.

According to the folks on the XboxEra podcast, Microsoft actually did a deal to get "chip priority" for the Xbox Series X and S last year, which resulted in the greater availability of consoles (especially in the UK) nearer Christmas time.

"Around April [last year], I got a DM saying Microsoft's going to have a lot of consoles available this fall. And they did in the end, didn't they?"

"Microsoft paid for chip priority at the factories, which is why we saw so much more, and are still seeing so much more Xbox stock now... to me, it's a smart investment."

Late last year, Microsoft successfully launched the Halo Infinite Special Edition Xbox Series X, and the stock increase of the standard version led to record UK sales in December, surpassing even the launch month in terms of units sold.

Meanwhile, even recently, the Xbox Series X and S were the top-selling consoles in the UK in March 2022, with Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 both falling behind. If the rumour is true, it seems like the strategy is paying off for Microsoft.

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