Xbox Has Now Sold Over 1 Million Series X|S Consoles In The UK

We recently heard how over 12 million Xbox Series X and S consoles had reportedly been shipped so far, and now (via GFK) is reporting that over 1 million of those systems have been sold in the UK to date.

Most notably, December 2021 was said to have been the strongest month for Series X and Series S sales in the UK, even compared to the launch month (November 2020), driven by an increase in stock of the Series X specifically.

Over the Christmas period, multiple UK retailers made the Xbox Series X available in seemingly large quantities, with stock even remaining available at Amazon UK for over 24 hours before the supplies finally ran out.

The result was a 108% increase in sales month-on-month, which put Xbox Series X and Series S ahead of the PlayStation 5 for sales in December, but still slightly behind the Nintendo Switch.

Meanwhile, in the accessory charts, the Xbox Wireless Controller (Black) similarly enjoyed a big jump in sales, while the Robot White version and the Elite Series 2 also made their way into the top five accessories across all platforms.

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