Xbox Series X|S Outsold PS5 & Nintendo Switch In The UK Last Month

We've already mentioned today how the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have enjoyed stock increases in the UK over the past few months, and this resulted in the two consoles selling better than the PS5 and Nintendo Switch in March.

According to's Chris Dring, this was due to the arrival of more Xbox Series X consoles specifically, although all three platforms still struggled for stock, and the sales were down year-to-date:

In addition, Dring also highlighted that "we'd be seeing some serious records breaking" if it weren't for the stock issues with each platform, and the Series X and S actually overtook the GameCube for sales in the UK a few months ago.

It still seems like it'll be a long while until stock is plentiful of the three (well, four) consoles, but Microsoft seems to be in the driving seat in the UK right now, with Sony particularly struggling to acquire supplies of the PlayStation 5.

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