The Halo Infinite Technical Preview has returned for all Xbox users this weekend (accessible via the Xbox Insider Hub app), and just like last week, it's getting a lot of praise across the board so far.

Digital Foundry has also delved into the preview to reveal that the game's performance modes on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X have received huge improvements compared to the initial technical test back in August.

Starting with Xbox Series X, performance mode (accessible via the quality/performance toggle) runs with a DRS window of around 1080p to 1440p at a near-locked 120fps, described as a "triumph". Meanwhile, the quality mode "seems to offer an 1800p-2160p dynamic scaling range" at 60fps.

The outlet says that Xbox One X is perhaps the most surprising improvement, however, as the performance mode runs at 1080p to 1440p at 60fps, described as not quite as stable as Xbox Series X, but "very, very close indeed". In comparison, the quality mode has only been able to hit 30fps up until now.

"Again it seems similar to the Series X performance mode running at half of the frame-rate, with a matching 1080p to 1440p dynamic resolution range. 60fps held up even in the wider Behemoth map, which is more open and with vehicles. Performance can drop into the high 50s but the improvement over the quality mode is transformative."

Everything else is said to be pretty much unchanged compared to the first test, with the Xbox One S struggling with "aggressive dynamic resolution scaling", with an apparent target of 1080p at 30fps. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series S version runs at "essentially a locked 60 frames per second" at 1080p. Interestingly, the 120hz mode for the Series S has reportedly disappeared this time around, which was said to "actually [run more smoothly than the Series X equivalent mode but resolution could hit lows of 540p."

With a couple of months still to go until the full release, there's plenty that 343 Industries might choose to do to optimise for these consoles further, but the general impression is very positive right now for the Xbox versions. PC, however, sounds like it needs more work, with DF stating "our experience from last week was not positive."

"From a multiplayer perspective, Halo Infinite is shaping up very, very nicely on consoles. Aside from the rough-around-the-edges base Xbox One version, everyone gets the chance to play a properly engaging, brilliant arena shooter that feels fast, fluid and responsive."

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