Halo Infinite's next technical preview is only a matter of hours away, and we have a full length look at an entire match of Big Team Battle to whet our appetite.

As part of a live stream showcasing everything fans can expect to find in Halo Infinite's upcoming technical preview, an in-depth look into a Big Team Battle match of Capture the Flag was highlighted. At the 48:55 mark, you can watch the 13-minute long battle (timestamped above).

It all seems to be business as usual for Halo, albeit more refined and with improved graphics. Playing out on the map known as Fragmentation, sub-objectives were also shown. Players will be able to use their AI companion to hack into facilities and grab the loot inside, such as a brutal Gravity Hammer.

Having enjoyed the first technical preview, we're pretty excited to check it out - especially given the fact this test has more of an emphasis on playing against real-life opponents rather than bots. The only caveat is the fact that matchmaking can only be checked out at certain times, but don't worry, you can still dive into other solo modes too.

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