Mortal Shell's expansion The Virtuous Cycle launches for Xbox on August 18, and while you may be ready to rush out and spend money on it, it's actually going to be totally free to claim up until August 22.

It's described as a "roguelike expansion", and a new trailer has been launched to commemorate its release along with the free price tag for five days. It's also coming packed with a new shell known as Harden, a new weapon and a ton of new abilities. Lots to sink your teeth into, and once you've claimed it, it's yours forever!

The game has received some nifty new updates this year. A free upgrade arrived for Xbox Series X, with the Series S getting a nice little bump up to 60fps a few months down the line. With all this free content, it's hard not to justify giving Mortal Shell a try, especially with how cheap you can pick it up these days.

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