We're now well over six months since the launch of the Xbox Series X and Series S, and we've had a chance to get used to some the features that haven't crossed over from the Xbox One generation. There's no Kinect support, for example, no optical audio port, and no 'HDMI In' port to allow you to connect other devices to your console.

You might not even be aware of the 'HDMI In' port's existence, as it was primarily targeted at the early part of the Xbox One generation and its TV-heavy focus, allowing you to connect set-top boxes to your console to watch live TV, as well as even connect other consoles so you could play them through your Xbox One, albeit with lag.

While the obsessive TV focus of those early Xbox One days was always criticised, many fans also took a liking to features such as Snap Mode and HDMI In, and eight years later, there are portions of the community that would really like to see them make a comeback. But how about you? What are your thoughts on 'HDMI In' in particular?

Let us know your experiences with the HDMI In port (and similar Xbox One features) in the comments below.

How Useful Have You Found The 'HDMI In' Port On Your Xbox One?