Guide: What Happens If You Try To Play Kinect Games On Xbox Series X|S?

Microsoft confirmed back in late October that all Xbox One games would be backwards compatible with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S at launch, aside from games that required the Kinect peripheral.

We've had some questions about this though, such as whether you can use the official Xbox One Kinect Adapter to play these games, or indeed whether they'll boot at all. Well, here's your answer.

Screenshot 20201109 153837 Xbox

As you can see, you can't even load these games on Xbox Series X|S, so there's unfortunately no chance of running them on the new consoles - you'll have to stick to Xbox One if you really want to play them.

Of course, for games where Kinect was an option alongside a traditional control method, you shouldn't face any issues. But for others, such as Rare's Kinect Sports Rivals, you'll be out of luck trying to play them on Xbox Series X|S.

Are you going miss the Kinect? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.