Today has been dominated with the news that Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series is being totally disbanded and replaced with something called eFootball, which will be a new free-to-play experience arriving this autumn.

The reception to the announcement has been somewhat mixed, but over at the PES Reddit community, there's admittedly been extreme negativity. PES fans have criticised everything from the apparent lack of offline game modes (at least at launch), to the fact that the new trailer's visuals don't match up with what Konami promised last year.

The graphical disappointment stems from an announcement Konami made back in July of 2020, where it was promised that the new game would benefit from 'realistic player models and animations', 'enhanced physics' and 'photorealistic visuals'. At the same time, a teaser image of Lionel Messi was unveiled, which you can see on the left above.

Of course, eFootball is still in development and could improve massively in the visual department before launch, but comparing the image on the left (unveiled last year) to the image on the right (unveiled today), it's certainly not a great look. Let's just hope the final game delivers on the pitch, which is ultimately what matters the most.

What are your thoughts on eFootball's visuals so far? Let us know in the comments.