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Update: Microsoft has confirmed it has no plans to announce any acquisitions at this week's Tokyo Game Show.

Original story: It doesn't take much to ignite a rumour nowadays and after Microsoft acquired the parent company of Bethesda earlier this week, some people on the internet seem to think the former console manufacturer Sega is next in line.

So, how did this come about? It all stems from the recently revealed Shock Blue Xbox Series X controller. From there, it seems to have taken off. Twitter user @headfallsoff breaks it down with the following images:

"bringing a report from the land of gamers. a select few are convinced that microsoft is buying sega next and it's lead to a resurgence of my absolute favourite kind of post"

Sonic The Hedgehog
Image: Twitter
Shock Blue Controller
Image: Twitter
Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter
Image: Twitter

As you can see - these fans believe there's some hidden messaging spelling out "Sonic" and a reference to Xbox in a Sega Official tweet. Along with this, the Shock Blue colour ID supposedly matches the Sega logo.

Obviously, the rest of the internet isn't quite as convinced:

Keep in mind, this is separate to the rumour in June about Xbox consoles being rebranded as Sega systems in Japan.

Xbox will be hosting a showcase at the Tokyo Game Show tomorrow. While it's already told fans not to expect any "new" next-generation news, if anything is going down, maybe we'll hear something then about these absolutely wild rumours. Sega will also be at TGS celebrating its 60th anniversary.

What do you make of this? Feel free to speculate in the comments below.

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