We shared a rumour the other day that Microsoft was planning to hold two Xbox Series X digital events in the near future, and Dealer Gaming - one of the sources we quoted for that rumour - has taken to YouTube once again to detail more about what it supposedly knows. The channel, which recently featured Microsoft Executive Bill Stillwell as a guest on its podcast, began by stating the following:

"Here's the deal. We've got a ton of great software coming this way, and in particular a ton of gorgeous graphically demanding software - games like Hellblade II, games like Halo Infinite, games like Fable - yes, a reboot. And those games are to be debuted here soon, or at least some of them... The source of [this news] runs in the circle of friends that I have. We know for a fact that it's accurate and if you've been following this channel, you know that we don't just put this stuff out there for no reason."

The video went on to suggest that Microsoft will indeed hold two Xbox Series X digital events in the near future, most likely in May and either June or July. The first reveal is said to be "hardware-centred", while the second will be a games-focused replacement for E3 2020. It also then talked about Xbox Lockhart, suggesting we'll get a look at the much-rumoured, lesser-powered next-gen console in the near future:

"Xbox Lockhart is real, and I tweeted about it quite some time ago... That was before the [coronavirus pandemic] situation was really taken super seriously around here, so things got pushed back naturally. At one of these events, potentially in early May is what I'm hearing, you may see the unveiling of that cheaper SKU Lockhart."

This is just a rumour, of course, so it's still worth taking with a pinch of salt for now. However, given the multiple reports we've heard about two Xbox Series X events, as well as a recent insider tease about the type of games coming to the console, it certainly seems like something is happening. And with the video above suggesting the Fable reboot is "likely to be revealed next month," we admit we're starting to get very excited indeed.

Do you believe this rumour? Could we be seeing Xbox Lockhart and Fable in a few weeks? Share your predictions below.

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