Rumour: Two Xbox Series X Digital Events Will Be Held In The Near Future

According to a rumour that originated a few days ago on 4chan, Microsoft is said to be holding two next-generation Xbox Series X digital events in the next couple of months. And while the popular bulletin board is known for not always being accurate with leaks, another source has come forward to suggest at least some of it might be true.

The leak that was doing the rounds suggested we'd be getting two events in the next two months, with the first acting as a "proper console reveal event" with selected game announcements and demos, and the other being an E3 2020 replacement focusing on games.

Additionally, the leak noted that various games would be shown, including a new Fable game, the reveal of an open-world and "more ambitious campaign" for Halo Infinite, and much more. It's definitely worth taking all of this with a pinch of salt, as due to being posted anonymously, this information can't be verified.

Last night, however, a livestream on the Dealer Gaming YouTube channel (which recently interviewed Microsoft executive Bill Stillwell) revealed more.

The host, talking to Twitter user Timdog, stated about the news of two potential events - "we happen to know that's actually going to happen", and Timdog explained more:

"I came home and I had a DM sitting in the thing from somebody who, you know, he's a pretty well-known person, [sharing] that 4chan leak. And I read the leak and I was like, wow - this kinda lines up with everything we've been hearing. And sure enough, I think we're going to have two events, I think that's definitely going to happen in May or early May."

He went on to explain that if Microsoft is going to reveal details on the much-rumoured, supposedly less powerful next-gen console Xbox Lockhart, it would probably be then. He also detailed more about the company's pre-COVID plans, and what to expect in terms of game reveals:

"I do think that it's pretty safe to say you have two events - one's going to be hardware, which would have been originally the April [event], and from what I heard, from pre-COVID, that they were going to go really hard on games... So I heard that they were going to push it all out, go for broke, and I think you're going to see a lot of games in the next couple of months."

Do you buy this rumour? When do you think Microsoft will reveal more about Xbox Series X? Let us know below.

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