Microsoft Exec On PS5 — "I Think We're Going To Have A Better Console"

Microsoft's Bill Stillwell, who previously worked on the Xbox team including as Director of Project Planning for Project xCloud, recently commented on the PS5's recent deep dive presentation in a video with Dealer - Gaming. While he did admit that he felt Xbox Series X was going to be the "better console," he also shared praise for Sony and the PS5.

Furthermore, Stilwell also suggested that he's not concerned about the next-gen "power narrative", joking that he's "enjoying watching" some of the seemingly misinformed suggestions about Xbox Series X, such as "how we're going to lose 20% of our teraflops for audio processing":

"Just like Inside Xbox I think sometimes has a problem of - the audience expectations don't match what the content plans are - I think what you saw was the unfortunate by-product of a GDC talk being turned into a marketing event. I loved Sony's talk, I think they've got some cool tech - I personally think we're going to have a better console, I'm not worried about the power narrative...

Additionally, the Microsoft exec talked more about the PS5 deep dive presentation, noting that its host - PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny - found himself in a difficult position. However, Stillwell ultimately felt that when analysed from a certain point of view, it was a worthwhile presentation.

"I've said this before, Mark Cerny is a brilliant guy. And I think he was put in a bad spot, but I do think the content was actually pretty good if you were watching it with the right perspective."

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