Scorn Guide: Full Walkthrough

Hello and welcome to Pure Xbox's Scorn Full Walkthrough Guide.

Here we'll take you by the hand through each of the game's five acts in a step-by-step guide that shows you how to complete the puzzles in Scorn in sequential order with screenshots to illustrate the way right through from beginning to end. We'll tell you how to complete the egg wall puzzle in Scorn Act 1, how to solve the light tree puzzle in Act 2, how to beat the final boss in Scorn Act 5, and much more!

We should of course point out that the following guide is jampacked full of spoilers, so please take care if you don't want to see or read something that could potentially ruin any aspect of the game for you.

It should also be noted that Scorn is a violent game with lots of gory sequences and body horror aspects. Some of these sequences are featured in our screenshots so a quick heads-up if you're squeamish at all, there's a lot of blood ahead.

We recently also published our Scorn review here at Pure Xbox, where we gave it a "Good" 7/10. If you're a member of Xbox Game Pass, the game is included for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

With all that said, let's kick things off and get stuck into this nightmarish horror puzzlebox of a game.

Before You Get Started

Scorn is a horror/sci-fi puzzle game comprised of five acts. Each act here is essentially one huge puzzle set across multiple rooms and levels. As such, we've put this guide together so that each act has its own detailed walkthrough that takes you each step of the way with screenshots to help illustrate where possible. You can, of course, also dip in here and there at various points where you may get stuck or are having trouble finding where to go next.

With regards to collectibles, there are no collectibles in Scorn and the three weapons that you'll get your hands on, in Acts III, IV and V, are unmissable and can't be upgraded or enhanced in any way. There are health refill stations dotted throughout the game, which you'll find as you progress. So, we get to laser-focus on the puzzles.

Scorn Guide: Walkthrough & Act Guide

So, let's get started! In this section of our Scorn guide, you'll find a breakdown of all acts / chapters in the game. We've provided a full walkthrough for each Act, revealing how to complete each level and solve every single puzzle.

Scorn: Act 1-1 Walkthrough - How To Solve The Egg Wall Puzzle

Scorn: Act 1-2 Walkthrough - How To Solve The Light Tree Puzzle

Scorn: Act 2 Walkthrough - How To Complete The Spinning Lock Puzzles

Scorn: Act 3 Walkthrough - How To Solve The Turning Node Puzzles

Scorn: Act 4 Walkthrough - How To Solve The Rotating Maze Puzzle

Scorn: Act 5 Walkthrough - How To Beat The Krang Final Boss Fight

Have you been using our Scorn guide to help you complete the game on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know down in the comments below, and tell us if you have any other tips and tricks to share!