Scorn: Full Walkthrough - Act 1-1

Need a walkthrough for Act 1-1 in Scorn? You've come to the right place! In this Scorn guide, we'll reveal how to complete the puzzles in Act 1-1, and we've also provided images to help you along the way. In Scorn, this part of the game is known as "Act I-I", which you'll notice when you go into the save game screen.

This Act 1 walkthrough will reveal how to complete the first puzzle in Scorn, as well as how to open the door in Scorn.

Scorn: Act 1-1 Walkthrough

Scorn kicks off with our ghoulish protagonist crawling across the dirt of an alien planet and taking a nasty tumble into a deep pit. It’s now our job to march forward through a bunch of puzzles in order to complete all five acts of this game and, hopefully, escape from the nightmare prison we now find ourselves in. Let's kick off with Act 1 and complete Scorn's first puzzle.

How To Open The Door In Scorn

The first thing you’re gonna see here as you take control of Scorn's alien protagonist for the first time is a door (pictured below) with an inaccessible pad to the right hand side that features six circular light buttons. As you progress through Scorn you’ll find and update a key device which lights up to match the buttons on these doors, but this door is unresponsive and you have yet to attain said device so let’s turn around and head down the corridor in the other direction.

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Image: Pure Xbox

Heading down this corridor, you’ll end up overlooking a large room with an imposing spiral tower at its centre. From this position you'll find a door with one light on its locking mechanism to your left which we can’t open, and so we’ll take the corridor directly off to the right. Once down this corridor you’ll pass through a door and find a machine, shown below, use it to add a tool to your left hand in a fairly grisly manner.

Now head over to your immediate right and use the other claw machine in this room to open the door by pointing at both directional prompts, the left side first to unlock and then the right side to slide the door open. Now exit the device and make a dash for the door before it closes.

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Image: Pure Xbox

How To Solve The Egg Wall Puzzle In Scorn

You’re now stood on the ground floor in the room with the large spiral tower and what we need to do here is head up the tower where we’ll get a lay of the land by interacting with the device at the top. Our basic aim in this first area is to open the central exit door to the right of where you first entered, but we’ll need the help of another body in order to unlock its mechanism as it has two consoles that need to be worked simultaneously.

So, in order to get ourselves a little helper, we need to head to the top of the spiral in the centre of the room and interact with the device there, you’ll zoom out to an overhead view with three interactive points that redirect the rail track that’s laid in a circle around your position. What we need to do here is ensure the bottom two track pieces are closed into a circle and the top right one is opened up to run off to the northern area out of the main room.

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Image: Pure Xbox

Now, head down to the bottom of the spiral tower and you’ll see a sort of alien buggy sat on the track ahead. This is what we’re going to need to get moving around the track. But first we have a few other things to do. With the buggy in front of you, head left around the track until you come to where it leads off to the right into another small area. Head in here and look directly to your left and you’ll find a lift. Slide your fingers into its meaty mechanism and let’s ride up to the top.

Up here you’ll find some snaking corridors to the left and right but we want to go straight ahead to the balcony overlooking the large mechanism shown below. You’ve got two interactive devices here, one in the centre and one to the right. What we want to do is use the device on the right in order to control the metal claw and place one of the egg objects on the large wall into the illuminated slot to the top left of the wall puzzle.

Note that there are just two eggs here with a set of small double set of lights on them. These are our targets. One is a singular moveable egg, the other is two conjoined eggs. It's this second one that will achieve our goal, but first we need to clear the way to the illuminated slot by ridding ourselves of the first light pod and making some room to move the rest of the puzzle pieces around.

To get started here, move the two singular eggs on the left, nearest to the illuminated slot, out of your way, then move the double egg with the cracked piece across to the right to make space for you to insert the first light-bearing egg. Once you’ve done this use the central device on the balcony to move the claw across from the middle of the room to nab the egg, it will drop it! So now we need to get our double egg over to the slot to complete this fairly simple puzzle.

Head back to the machine on the right and start clearing space so you can get the egg to the slot. We have pictured roughly how we did this below, but basically you want to start with the singular eggs on the far right of the wall, move them around to give yourself space to start shifting the larger double eggs out of your way to the right.

The key here is to get your illuminated double egg to the centre point of the puzzle wall, as shown below, so you can move it down to the bottom two slots and then slide the other double eggs that are blocking the way over the top of your position and off to the far right of the puzzle wall. Once you’ve done this you should find the rest of this one easy to solve. Remember that making space on the very far right by shifting the singular eggs around is key to making space here.

In order to aid you a little here, as this can take a little while to figure out, you can see our finished configuration below. Once you've got your egg into the illuminated slot head back to the middle device and swing the claw back over. This time it’ll successfully place the egg in the central belt and move it down to the lower area with the spiral tower, where we need to go now to place our egg (and its inhabitant) into the buggy that we saw earlier. Let’s jump back in the lift and head down.

Now that we’re back down, head to where the buggy is and use the device here to grab the egg and lower it into the buggy. Once that’s done we can move our grotesque little pal along the tracks to the left by interacting with the buggy itself. As you move along here you’ll come to a stop and need to use another device which will cause injury to our vehicle’s occupant. Once done, we continue along the track.

Now, you've got a few choices here. Choose to set the tracks using the device at the top of the spiral tower so that you enter the first room off to the right and you can place your new buddy in the chair here where you'll end up brutally murdering him but retrieving his arm. Doing this will unlock achievement number two for the game, and it will leave you with a quicker way to open the exit door for the area.

What Do You Do With The Arm In Scorn?

Once you've got the arm, head to the exit door then turn left and head into the area here where you'll find a machine, as shown below, that fits the arm with the tool necessary to open the door. You can now head to the exit door and interact with both consoles to open it.

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Image: Pure Xbox

If, as we indicated at the start of this chapter guide, you choose instead to set the rail tracks to guide you into the room to the north east of the area, your buddy will survive the chair ordeal and you'll then need to slowly guide him to the exit controls. Before you do this, though, make sure to walk him over to the same device shown above to fit him with the tool required to open the door. Once you’ve done this, march him over to the controls of the large exit door, prop him up to interact with the left console and then use the right console to open the doors fully. Now head on through, leaving your new pal behind and take the lift to the next area.

And there you have it, you've completed Act 1-1 and can now head on towards Act 1-2 and the next puzzle!

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