Scorn: Full Walkthrough - Act 1-2
Image: PJ O Reilly

Need a walkthrough for Act 1-2 in Scorn? You've come to the right place! In this Scorn guide, we'll reveal how to complete the puzzles in Act 1-2, and we've also provided images to help you along the way. In Scorn, this part of the game is known as "Act I-II", which you'll notice when you go into the save game screen.

This Act 1 walkthrough will also reveal how to complete the light tree puzzle in Scorn.

Scorn: Act 1-2 Walkthrough

Exit the lift from Act 1-1 and walk straight ahead to find a large machine with dead bodies scattered around it. From here we want to head off to the left and through the doorway here into an area full of alien growth.

Scorn: Full Walkthrough - Act 1-2 (3)
Image: Pure Xbox

Move through this area and you’ll come to the contraption shown below. Interacting with this will cause a small robotic drone to lift into the air. Move this drone to the centre egg that’s sat directly in front of you and interact with it to lift it into the air and place it into the highlighted hole on the large light tree in front of you, causing a new console to emerge out of the ground. Interact with this new console to remove the drone from the egg, at which point it will light up and cause a nearby shutter to open behind you. From here we now need to find and insert two more eggs into the tree.

Leave the area with the tree and head further left, passing by lots of alien growth and you’ll come to the machine you can see below. However, you’re going to need a tool in order to interact with it. Keep on heading around and you’ll enter a larger open chamber with a path heading off to the left and right. Head right first and around to the pad that we’ve pictured below, stand on it and a column will rise up with your multitool on it. Grab the multitool.

Once you’ve equipped your tool, keep on heading around to the right and out the first exit you come to, where you’ll find the device below. Use your tool to interact with it, causing a shutter to open that releases some floating enemies and a second egg to emerge from the floor and get carried away by a claw mounted on the ceiling. We now want to make our way forward, using our tool to carefully smash and destroy the floating enemies that get in our way.

You should now find yourself back at the first console and the light tree with another egg to your far left. Interact with the console to use the drone to pick this egg up and place it in the indicated hole on the top right of the tree. Now interact with the centre console that’s just emerged from the ground to open up more shutters in the room.

We can now head back around to the right to the other console that we passed just before we first grabbed our tool. Interact with this console to release more enemies and a third egg which will be transported to the light tree, where we’ll then go lift it and place it into a hole on the upper left of the tree with the drone. Simple! Now interact with the final console that’s emerged from the ground and sit back to enjoy the cutscene that follows.

Congratulations, you’ve completed the puzzle that makes up Act 1-2, and can now move on to Act 2.

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