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I thought it'd be a good idea to have a thread where we discuss which recent game we've gotten 1000 G in, how much gamerscore we have, and just talk about achievements in Xbox games in general.

So I just got 1000 G in Hellblade on Xbox One. This game has mostly straightforward achievements except for one where you have to find a bunch of collectibles for 100 G. But getting 900 G just for going through the game is incredibly good. The one caveat for this game's achievements is that if you use the instant-on/quick resume feature of Xbox One, achievements will stop unlocking for this game, which happened to me and I've been forced to play through the game twice now because of that. I finally got 1000 G though so I'm happy and the game was overall excellent as well.

Now I have in total 75 770 G. As a side note, I'm impressed at how much my gamerscore has shot up ever since I started using Game Pass. The service is a great way to nab lots of achievements. I'm hoping to get to 80 000 G before the end of the year, which shouldn't be that hard in all honesty.



Good idea for a thread. Only Xbox One games I have 100% achievements are Final Fantasy VII, Fallout 4 and Fractured Minds (I have some Xbox 360 tho). Maybe we can in this thread also give recommendations of games that give easily (or sort of) that sweet gamerscore.

I have in total 58'615 G. Increasing steadily.

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@Justifier Yes, good idea! I'll be sure to mention any games that I come across with decent achievement lists.

Some that I would recommend now that are on Game Pass are What Remains of Edith Finch and The Touryst. Edith Finch might not be the easiest to get 1000 G in on your first run, but chapter select makes it very easy to acquire all achievements that you have missed after finishing the game once. The Touryst is a lot of fun to play through so getting the 10 achievements in that game is not that hard, but it can take some time (5 hours or so, it's actually a much shorter game if you don't go for 100%).



So looking at True Achievements, I have completed 14 Xbox One games and 4 360 games to 100%. On the One there are a couple of the LEGO games, Hellblade, Carrion (Game Pass, cool little game and an easy ish completion), Nier Automata (Game Pass or was when I played it), Peggle 2 which took about 6 years of on/off playing to get, Defense Grid 2 and a couple of TellTale Batman games.
My 360 completions are LEGO Batman 2, Defense Grid, Harms Way and Halo 4 which took some serious luck and hard work to get.


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I have completed 149 games and have a total of 226015 G.
The last game i completed was Carrion, which was a very straightforward completion; just finish the game and find all powerups. It also happens to be a very good game, and is also on Game Pass, so it gets a very strong recommendation from me.


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So Sony announced earlier today that they would be making some significant changes to its trophy system on PlayStation and the major one is that they would make it easier to level up now when collecting trophies. Before it would take a very long time and several Platinum trophies just to go up one level. Now they've changed the scale from 1-100 to 1-999 and that is going to make leveling up much quicker.

In my opinion, this is such a welcome change because collecting trophies haven't been as appealing as collecting achievements up until now. However, now that you'll level up more often it's going to be more rewarding to collect trophies compared to before.

So what are your thoughts on this? Do you think Microsoft should do the same and introduce a level system to tie in with your gamerscore? I think it would be much more interesting if they made achievements more engaging instead of how it is now. For example, reach certain levels, unlock rewards like in-game items or a currency system where you can buy items for your avatar. I definitely believe there's potential for a more ambitious reward system instead of the one we have now.

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