Guide: Easy Achievements For The 10K Microsoft Rewards Challenge

The Microsoft Rewards program kicked off January's Xbox Gamerscore Challenge earlier this week, tasking players with earning up to 10K Gamerscore on Xbox in exchange for the equivalent in Microsoft Rewards points.

To activate the punch card, you'll want to head to the Microsoft Rewards app on console, and look for the card with the 2021 symbol, after which you can start earning Achievements to put towards gift cards and other goodies.

To help you along the way (after all, 10K Gamerscore is not easy to achieve in two weeks!), we've picked out some of the easiest free, Xbox Game Pass or former Games with Gold titles to get Achievements in, along with some handy YouTube walkthroughs.

The Gardens Between (Xbox Game Pass, 1-2 Hours)

Rec Room (Free, 700GS In 5 Mins)

Korgan (Free, Under 2 Hours)

Fractured Minds (Xbox Game Pass, 30 Mins)

Telltale Games The Walking Dead Michonne (Xbox Game Pass, 3 Hours)

#IDARB (Former Xbox Games With Gold, 1 Hour)

What Remains Of Edith Finch (Xbox Game Pass, 1.5 Hours)

One Leaves (US only, Free, 2 Hours)

NHL 94 Rewind (Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, 2 Hours)

The Little Acre (Xbox Game Pass, 1 Hour)

Little Nightmares (Xbox Games With Gold, 1.5 Hours)

Day Of The Tentacle Remastered (Xbox Game Pass, 2 Hours)

Full Throttle Remastered (Xbox Game Pass, 2 Hours)

Roblox (Free, 400GS In 10 Mins)

Sea of Solitude (Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, 2.5 Hours)

Gone Home (Former Xbox Games With Gold, 1.5 Hours)

What other games should we add to this list that have easy Achievements? Tell us in the comments!