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High On Life.

Pretty Hilarious.




It's really good! I was surprised too. It gets difficult at times but nothing someone who played the old CV games can't handle.


Playing Hi-Fi Rush right now. Loving it even if I kinda suck at it.



@Lup yea, I'm used to the clunky and chunky gameplay of old CV games, so no problem there. I also downloaded hi fi rush and goldeneye. I'll be playing both of those tonight.



@Lup I suck at HiFi Rush as well, but man that game is addicting. I wanted to test it out to see what all the fuss was about and its so great. constantly moving my body on the rhytm. Even though I am in the middle of 2 games already and didn't want to start a new game, but i just can't put it down. SO great to see these kind of passion projects are being released on Xbox. I would love to see more of these "smaller" games like Grounded, Pentiment and Hi-Fi Rush.

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I know what you mean. I saw it and needed to try it. Got hooked almost immediately.
Game looks gorgeous, but it's not just that, it's fun. Combat's fun, music's fun, characters are fun.
I'd just put aside everything else for now. Will finish Hi-Fi Rush first and then resume the other stuff.
I'd love to see some more games like this one, as you said.



Playing GoldenEye of course. I have to say this game looking back is frustrating as hell. I understand that this game is a pioneer in console FPS, and I did play it back in the day but after playing modern FPS games the past few years Borderlands, CoD, Halo, Doom age hasn't been kind to this game. The first level alone has some annoying points. The fact that visibility is so bad in the distance yet enemies can see you and start shooting you as clear as day from the same distance. Then as I am sneaking around taking out guards, one of them hits an alarm in the distance alerting the whole camp to my location. Don't get me wrong I understand game design was what it was back then.

However the Multiplayer is still a blast. Played it for several hours with my son and we were just having fun I can't wait till I have the guys over for some GoldenEye madness.

I also like how the controls feel with the Xbox controller now, more along the lines of modern FPS games, that was one main reason I couldn't get back into it on the N64 that single stick controller just felt wrong with a FPS but again I realized that's what they had at the time.

Overall though I am enjoying my time with it, I just hope they fix the achievements.

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@Tasuki it is a game of its time. It was already kind of ackward to use the manual aim (at least to someone used to mouse control on pc) but the objectives based campaign and the hell a fun multiplayer it is still there to enjoy (easier with nostalgia glasses obviously)


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