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Just beat DELIVER US TO THE MOON and I really really enjoyed it. The story was well done. I got every achievement except one, reading all those Moonman comics, I know I picked them all up I must of failed to read one. It is peeing me off. Deciding whether to replay it just for that before it goes from Game Pass. Decisions decisions.

EDIT: just noticed it has level select, hopefully I can quickly run though each one and just read the one I'm missing. Wish I knew which one it was though.

EDIT: okay just got it. I guess I missed reading the comic on chapter 4. Now I can sleep easy.

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Been playing Outriders then last few days and I am on love with this game. It does start off slow but once you get past the opening the game really picks up. Right now I am a level 8 Pyromancer and my gear is ok, been mostly focusing on the story and getting familiar with the terrain before I bump up the difficulty. Still alot of fun this game is. Although I find the cover mechanic useless and more for catching a breather then anything else.

Still if looter shooters are your thing I highly recommend giving this game a try especially if you have Gamepass.

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I'm playing Control Ultimate Edition and it's a fantastic game with really fun combat. Was also playing Ori and The Will of The Wisps but got to a boss which i'm not doing well with and got stuck



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