Welcome to your new Xbox games roundup for May 15th to May 19th! As you can see, it's a fairly busy week ahead for new releases, and we've got some particular highlights on the way such as LEGO 2K Drive, the free-to-play launches of Trackmania and Warlander, the Xbox Game Pass arrival of FIFA 23, and much more!

Here's what's coming to Xbox next week:

New Xbox Releases (May 15-19)

  • Last Labyrinth: Lucidity Lost (May 15): "Last Labyrinth -Lucidity Lost-, playable without a VR headset, will be released on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Enjoy the astonishing world of 'Last Labyrinth' as it is on a flat-screen monitor."
  • Trackmania (May 15): "Trackmania combines easy-to-learn, hard-to-master gameplay with a wide diversity of tracks and skin customization, in addition to regular seasons & live events."
  • Kargast (May 16): "Kargast is a dark narrative exploration game with light RPG elements and branching endings. It tells a surreal and semi-satirical story of an unwell child..."
  • Tin Hearts (May 16): "Guide a troop of tin soldiers through a magical toy-filled world in this immersive puzzle adventure game from members of the team that brought you Fable."
  • Warlander (May 16): "Join an army of up to 100 players and battle each other in action-packed, player vs. player skirmishes and epic castle sieges..."
  • Under The Warehouse (May 16): "In this first-person adventure game, take on the role of a worker who receives a phone call and a request for help."
  • Ratyboy Adventures (May 17): "In this 3D platformer game where you play as a mouse living in a big house, try to collect the stars placed at certain points in the rooms of the house..."
  • Verdict Guilty (May 17): "Discover the dark secrets of Neo Seoul as you fight your way to uncover the truth as you battle your way to unmask the evil syndicate crime lord himself in this ‘90s style arcade fighter."
  • World Championship Boxing Manager 2 (May 17): "An official sequel to 1991’s World Championship Boxing Manager, this iteration captures the essence of the original and expands upon it."
  • Chasm: The Rift (May 18): "Prepare for terror in this ground-breaking classic old-school FPS. Following the destruction of Time, you are left to battle in this horrific hellhole of multilevel interconnected missions..."
  • Infini (May 18): "Exercise your mind on a psychedelic journey filled with puzzles and meaningful encounters with time, Poetry, Memory, Technology, War, and Fatality..."
  • Nightmare Reaper (May 18): "A dark and violent meld of retro and modern action games, inspired by the classic 2.5D first-person shooters of the ‘90s..."
  • No One Lives Under The Lighthouse (May 18): "Keep your sanity from slipping on this desolate rock in the middle of the ocean, and don’t give in to hallucinations."
  • Undergrave (May 18): "From the creators of Red Ronin comes a new challenge that will test your strategic skills and tactical prowess. Undergrave is a thrilling rogue-like adventure that promises a new experience with every try."
  • Cyber Citizen Shockman (May 19): "Everything was going great for Tasuke and Kyapiko until one fateful day when they woke up as the cybernetically enhanced Shockman!"
  • Death, Soul & Robots (May 19): "Play as a kitty who is searching for the soul of Planet-42 to save the Earth. The game includes six large biomes to explore, seven types of weapons, and numerous quests."
  • LEGO 2K Drive (May 19): "Welcome to Bricklandia, home of a massive open-world LEGO driving adventure. Race anywhere, play with anyone, build your dream rides, and defeat a cast of wild racing rivals for the coveted Sky Trophy!"

Xbox Game Pass Titles

What are you most looking forward to next week? Let us know in the comments below.

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