We've got a couple of free-to-play releases arriving on Xbox next week, with one of them being Ubisoft's Trackmania, and the other being the action-packed Warlander, with the latter coming to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S (and PS5).

Warlander, which first launched on PC back in January, is described as "combining the best of MOBA and Action Hack & Slash RPGs", featuring "intense competitive skirmishes and epic castle siege warfare with up to 100 players".

Here's a bit more about it:

"Across its 2 Army Battle & 5 Army Battle game modes, Warlander combines the tactical team-fighting of a modern-day MOBA, the knock-out style gameplay of a Battle Royale, a smooth blend of 3rd person hack-and-slash and ranged combat, and a touch of 4X-inspired strategic diplomacy – all within large scale battles of up to 100 players."

The game only has a "Mixed" rating on Steam based on over 6000 reviews, although quite a lot of the negative feedback seems to be due to the Anti-Cheat system on PC, which shouldn't affect console players. A nice bonus with Xbox is that cross-play will be supported across all platforms, so you'll be able to compete with PC users as well.

Look out for Warlander's free release on Xbox next week - the launch date is Tuesday, May 16th.

"Warlander is an action-packed, third-person, online-multiplayer game, with a unique style that mashes a Medieval-inspired setting, Fantastical items and abilities…and…EVEN POWERFUL ROBOTS!

Featuring intense competitive skirmishes and epic castle siege warfare with up to 100 players, you must use the almighty powers of god-like Warriors, Clerics, and Mages, as well as siege weapons and cataclysmic spells to control the battlefield."

Have you played Warlander on PC before? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.