Talking Point: Somehow, It's Been Five Years Since The Launch Of Red Dead Redemption 2

We often use game anniversaries as a chance to look back at some of our favourite Xbox titles over the years, and we must admit, this one has definitely snuck up on us a bit. Yep, it's been a whole five years, half a decade, since Rockstar unleashed Red Dead Redemption 2 onto our gaming screens - and to be honest we've rarely been this impressed with a game world since.

That's the true shining light of RDR 2 - its open world depiction of the American West. The world of Red Dead 2 really does feel like a living, breathing thing - and despite some complaints about the pace of the game's story, we've always loved getting lost in the rolling green hills and snowy mountains of Rockstar's Wild West sequel.

The characters in Red Dead 2 are just so memorable as well. This gang of ragtag cowboys took us on one hell of a journey back in October 2018, and all of the game's memorable missions, setpiece moments, twists and turns still stick with us today. The series has been thrown back into the limelight as of late with a new version of the original Red Dead Redemption, but for our money, the sequel is a much more impressive experience all round.

The game's length has perhaps prevented us from fully revisiting the campaign over the years (this writer has only completed one full play through of the game, back on release), but it's been a mainstay on our Xbox hard drives since thanks to its incredibly inviting open world. We love a good mosey around the busy streets of Saint Denis or the quiet town of Strawberry - soaking in the atmosphere of what may well be Rockstar's crowning achievement.

GTA 6 may be in the pipeline over at developer Rockstar, but Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to take some beating as Rockstar's most engrossing open world. For now, let's reminisce about one of the finest open world games ever to grace Xbox. Happy Birthday Red Dead 2 - you deserve a big ol' glass of whiskey from down the local saloon!

What's your fondest memory of Red Dead Redemption 2? Tell us your best Wild West stories down below.