GSC Game World has today dropped a brand-new trailer for Stalker 2, ahead of the game's much-anticipated release on Xbox Game Pass. It's a short clip this time around, but the team's new 'Not a Paradise' trailer shows off some impressive technical details powering its open-world FPS.

The landscape itself seems rich with detail, and we must say, this game's character models look fantastic. We're not entirely sure if they'll look this good in moment-to-moment gameplay, but we're hoping the team can pull it off!

Here's a brief, mysterious introduction to Stalker 2's open world - The Zone:

"Behold Her! The Zone blossoms, in her own resplendent yet enigmatic and twisted way: luring, gifting, and taking away. Speaking in many voices, both familiar and new.

How far to the edge will you go in pursuit of what you seek?"

We'll go as far as we can manage, when Stalker 2 heads to Xbox Series X|S and Game Pass on September 5th, 2024.

Still excited for this one? Tell us what you think to the new trailer in the comments down below.