Xbox Adds More Perks For Game Pass Ultimate Members (April 2024)

It's time for another batch of Xbox Game Pass Perks for April 2024! The month has been fairly quiet so far (compared to a very busy March), although Bethesda fans will find some nice Perks to take advantage of in particular.

Also, don't forget that if you're an Amazon Prime member, you can claim Fallout 76 for free on Xbox this month:

The other thing to mention is the 3 months of Apple TV+ perk, which actually isn't anything to do with the Game Pass program - it's simply a bonus that's being offered on the Xbox version of the app. Still, it's definitely worth claiming!

Here's the latest list of available Xbox Game Pass Perks for April 2024:

"Get immediate access to the Vigilant, Murasame and Nimbus exosuits! This special package also includes three exosuit skins for even more ways to enjoy Leviathan's wargames!"

"Vault-Tech is happy to offer Vault Dwellers a handy bundle of Wasteland survival and a sturdy Vault 33 Backpack. This bundle includes: - Vault 33 Backpack - 3 Perk Card Packs - 3 Supply Packages - 3 Score Boosters - 3 Carry Weight Boosters - 3 Repair Kits - 3 Lunchboxes."

"Give your Ultimate Team a boost with the EA Play Mega Players Pack, featuring 30 items, all Gold Players, with at least 5 80+ OVR Players."

"Embrace deadly elegance and ruthless style with the Medusa Widowmaker and Executioner Junkerqueen Legendary Skins, plus the Visual K Kirko Epic Skin!"

"Jump into the all new Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis with some items to give you a hand! N-Half Scape Dolls (x6) to help revive you during intense battles, and Photon Chunks (x50) to strengthen weapons and units."

"Celebrate 10 years of the Elder Scrolls Online with the 10th Anniversary Pack #1! This bundle includes three Grand Gold Coast Experience Scrolls and 500 Seals of Endeavour."

All of these can be claimed on Xbox consoles or the Xbox app for Windows 10, and don't forget that plenty of March's Xbox Game Pass Perks can still be claimed as well, such as the Persona 3 Reload Expansion Pass, Calm Premium 3-month trial, Super Animal Royale Spring Perks Pack and a whole lot more!

Claiming any of these April Xbox Game Pass Perks? Tell us down in the comments section below.

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