Red Dead Rockstar

It's no secret at this point that Rockstar is all hands on deck with GTA 6. The developer recently began winding down support for Read Dead Online to facilitate development on the next GTA, and reportedly even shot down some remaster efforts to focus on the upcoming sequel. However, Red Dead Redemption star Rob Wiethoff hopes it isn't the end for Rockstar's Western series.

Wiethoff, who plays famous Red Dead lead John Marston, recently featured in a YouTube interview to chat about a pretty wide range of topics, including some gaming-related stuff. In there, host Dan Allen asked about a Red Dead remaster, and whether the actor would like to see it happen. Here's what Mr. Marston's actor had to say:

"I would love an opportunity to work with them [Rockstar] again, whether it'd be on remastering something or something totally different. I can't really say enough good things about Rockstar, so, if they do that, great, and that would be awesome."

At one stage, a Read Dead Redemption remaster could have been one of those reportedly cancelled remakes. Such a project appeared multiple times as part of a Red Dead collection for next-gen. However, nothing has materialised in the months since it was spotted online.

Still, it seems like Mr. Marston would be up for it either way! But, what do you think will happen with the future of Red Dead now GTA seems to be taking full priority at Rockstar?

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