Look, we've written some bonkers Pure Xbox headlines over the last year or so, especially with all of the Activision Blizzard stuff going on, but this is not something we ever expected to type into that headline box. Confirmed - Tenacious D's Jack Black loves a bit of Fallout 4 when he has some spare time to game.

That's right, the famous rock duo led by none other than Jack Black himself have dropped a brand-new tune, simply titled 'Video Games'. It's basically a rant about games still being amazing to play as an adult, while Black reels off some of his favourite titles.

Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War get mentions alongside the 2015 Bethesda RPG, while the music video also shows off a bit of Mario and Sonic. Top work all round on this one we must admit - it's so bloody catchy!

Of course, some of you may have seen Jack Black's other recent video game tune that came straight out of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. 'Peaches' has become a bit of a sensation since, and for what it's worth, we reckon 'Video Games' deserves a similar fate.

How many times are you listening to 'Video Games' on this fine Friday eve? Let us know your replay count in the comments down below.