Talking Point: Should Xbox Make A Revised Controller With Haptic Feedback?

Around the launch of the current console generation, there was lots of talk about how Xbox Series X|S and PS5 stacked up against each other - as you'd probably expect. This time around though, one of the main points of differentiation was the controller, especially because Sony was deploying a pretty radical set of changes with its DualSense.

In fact, just after launch Phil Spencer himself "applauded" what Sony had done with its new pad, praising the company's drive to innovate for this console generation. Despite Phil then hinting that Xbox could follow suit and make changes to its own controller, we've still not seen any real revision to the Xbox Series X|S pad so far.

So... what do we think? Would you still like to see some sort of haptic-laden revision? Of course, those haptic rumbles and jolts were the big PS4 to PS5 upgrade in the controller department, and such features are something we've yet to see on Xbox - either in the base pad or even in an Elite Controller revision.

We'd still like to see something of this ilk, you know. We're not saying Microsoft should straight up copy Sony, but the DualSense is a fantastic controller and when used right, those haptics do help with immersion. During the Xbox One era we had multiple 'smaller' controller re-designs, so we're somewhat surprised we haven't heard of something similar yet this gen.

There's also the case of such changes making their way into a new Elite controller. This fall will be four years since the Elite 2 arrived, and we've still not seen an Xbox Series X|S Elite - the 2019 version is based off Microsoft's last-gen controller design. We wonder if haptic support would be saved for something like that to compete with the new DualSense Edge? It's a possibility.

Anyway, three years into this console cycle, are you still a bit jealous of the DualSense's features? Would you like Xbox to implement them in a new controller, or has that ship sailed at this point?

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