Phil Spencer Praises PS5 DualSense, Says There's More To Do On The Xbox Controller

With the launch of the PlayStation 5, one of the biggest talking points has been the DualSense controller. It includes unique rumble features through haptic feedback, and has adaptive triggers which can add a new level of immersion to games. It's something many industry professionals have applauded, and Xbox boss Phil Spencer is one of them.

During a conversation on the recent Kinda Funny Gamescast (and transcribed thanks to VGC), Spencer took a moment to praise Sony on the DualSense controller. He added that "there’s probably some work that we’ll do on [the Xbox] controller", but from the sounds of it, that won't be anytime soon.

“We’re definitely thinking about different kinds of devices that can bring more games to more places. There’s probably some work that we’ll do on the controller. I think Sony’s done a nice job with their controller and we kind of look at some of that and [think] there are things that we should go do.

But [we’re] probably not in the more bespoke accessories place right now. We just look at what happens on Windows and other places and see if there’s a unique opportunity for us. Right now I don’t think there’s anything that’s obvious to me.”

With so many third-party developers working to implement features on the DualSense controller, it would be surprising if some of those innovations don't translate over eventually. In fact, Microsoft asked users whether those features were something they would like to see in the future during a survey earlier this year.

Xbox controllers already have something known as Impulse Triggers, which means each trigger has an individual motor inside to simulate vibrations. Racing games are a great example of this, using the triggers to provide feedback on the track. Unfortunately, they're something that aren't used as much as we'd like.

This isn't even the first time Spencer has praised Sony on the DualSense. Last year he "applaud[ed] what they did with the controller", adding that "all of that innovation is something that we should all be looking at". At this point it feels like more of a 'when' rather than an 'if' for these features to be implemented as part of the Xbox controller, and we imagine by that point they'll have evolved even further.

How would you feel about seeing DualSense features in an Xbox controller? Let us know in the comments below.

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