xbox pad

A lot of Xbox fans will be seeing Sony's brand-new, high-end controller doing the rounds in gaming circles at the minute, with PlayStation finally getting into 'Xbox Elite' territory with the 'DualSense Edge'. The Japanese company's new PS5 pad is an impressive-looking bit of kit, building on what Xbox first introduced with the Elite Controller in 2015.

Of course, Microsoft then followed that up with a revised model in 2019, simply dubbed the 'Elite 2 Controller'. While the second iteration added even more features to Xbox's high-end effort, unfortunately it failed to sort out the Elite 1's biggest problem - reliability.

Both of Xbox's Elite controllers have suffered various build quality issues, from peeling rubber grips and loose bumpers to random button inputs and broken analog sticks. While not everyone will run into these issues and some may have a much smoother experience, the problems are certainly widespread enough - we've sadly experienced them on multiple occasions here at Pure Xbox.

The arrival of PlayStation's equivalent controller has got us thinking that it's about time we started to hear about an 'Xbox Elite 3 Controller' from Microsoft. While we certainly have a feature list that we'd love to see implemented, we primarily want Xbox to focus on two main improvements.

The first one is pretty obvious, an Elite 3 should (and would, you'd think) be built around the Xbox Series X|S pad. After a couple of years we're now fully adjusted to any subtle differences the new controller offers — like a slightly slimmer build and the prominent share button — so we're more than ready for a DualSense Edge competitor that's properly 'next-gen'.

However, the second key focus has to be around properly fixing all of the issues we saw with the Elite 1 and 2 controllers. Yes, these are more complex devices than normal gamepads, and yes the DualSense Edge is yet to stand up to the test of time, but the simple fact is these things should be very reliable given the prices we're being charged for them.

The point on reliability will have extra emphasis if Sony's pad does indeed end up being pretty reliable. Again, we're not sure how it'll hold up in the long run right now, but by the time an Elite 3 could potentially roll around (rumoured to be sometime this year), we should know how the Edge is performing out in the wild.

2023 feels like the right time for an 'Xbox Elite 3', and make no mistake, we definitely want to see such a device for Xbox Series X and S. We just hope Microsoft fully addresses the issues that plagued their previous two controllers.

What would you like to see from an 'Xbox Elite 3' pad? Leave your suggestions down below!