Xbox Boss Applauds What Sony Did With Its PS5 DualSense Controller

We've heard how Phil Spencer is planning to get a PlayStation 5 and thinks Sony has done "a really nice job" with the system, but what does he think about the new DualSense controller and all of its fancy features?

In an interview with The Verge last week, he explained how he thought "the specifics" of Sony's controller were great for the industry as a whole. While he didn't go into these specifics, he did fall back on Xbox Game Pass - using it as another example of "innovation" and something that can impact the entire industry.

"I applaud what they did with the controller, not actually for — well, I shouldn’t say not for the specifics of the controller, but more than just the specifics of the controller. I think for all of us in the industry, we should learn from each other and the innovation that we all push on, whether it’s distribution of business model like Game Pass, or controller tech, or the Wii back in the day, which clearly had an impact on us when we went off and did Kinect and Sony did the Move.

"I think all of that innovation is something that we should all be looking at and learning and growing and saying, “Okay, what’s really going to break out and become a common part of a platform that developers and players are going to look for?” Or, “What is more vertical around a specific scenario on a specific piece of hardware?” We’re trying to be eyes open on that. For any technology, whether it’s a controller, or any VR, or anything else..."

In the same interview, Phil mentioned how it's more important than ever for the industry to stick together, so it's no surprise to hear him also mention how he thinks companies within the games industry should learn from each other.

Do you think Xbox could borrow any ideas from Sony's latest-gen, or vice-versa? Share your thoughts down below.

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