'Hi-Fi RUSH' Has Us Mega Excited For More Xbox Shadow Drops In Future

Xbox's first ever Developer Direct is in the bag, and we've come away very happy about how the whole event went down. Xbox brought a couple of release dates to the party, along with some lovely in-depth looks at big first-party titles. However, it's Hi-Fi Rush and Xbox's surprising shadow drop that has us even more excited for the future.

Most of what was shown at the event we already knew about, with Xbox being very clear to temper expectations in the run up to the showcase. Forza Motorsport, Redfall, Minecraft Legends and The Elder Scrolls Online were all known quantities, and Xbox did a good job at showcasing them here.

Despite how big these games are, and how excited folks were to see most of them in action, Hi-Fi Rush has stolen the show. It's the talk of the town right now, and that's great for Xbox and its reputation regarding game releases. Yes, they can deliver great games - deliver them at a moment's notice no less!

It's also helping that the buzz around Hi-Fi Rush isn't just about how Xbox revealed and released the title, it's also about how bloody good the game is. We'll have our own initial impressions up real soon (update: these are now live!), but it's clear that the community has taken well to Tango Gameworks' latest effort. Xbox fans are really digging Hi-Fi Rush and how unique it is amongst the stable of Xbox first-party titles.

If we look ahead, Hi-Fi Rush bodes really, really well for the future. We've already seen smaller Xbox exclusives like Pentiment find an audience, and now Hi-Fi Rush comes out of nowhere and shatters our showcase expectations. Xbox has picked up a lot of first-party studios in recent years, and if even a few of them can deliver moments like this, we have a fantastic few years ahead of us.

We might not have to wait too long to find out about more of these types of games either. Sure, the next Xbox show is all about Bethesda's Starfield (which will of course be huge), but Xbox has already revealed that it'll be ready and raring for E3 week as well. Could we see another Hi-Fi Rush-esque shadow drop this summer? We'll find out soon enough.

Have you played Hi-Fi Rush yet? Excited to see more Xbox shadow drops? Let us know!