Pick One: Which Xbox Game Studios Title Are You Most Excited For Right Now?
Image: Avowed

It's no secret that Xbox's first-party developers have had a quiet year, especially when it comes to the big AAA experiences we all expect from a platform holder like Microsoft. Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic certainly hasn't helped, with game delays largely contributing to such a barren year on Xbox.

However, the new year is now upon us, and we're already laser focused on what 2023 could, and should bring for Xbox Game Studios. We have the triple threat of Starfield, Redfall and Forza Motorsport still due out in the first half of 2023, not to mention the long list of announced Xbox exclusives with no exact date currently attached to them.

With that long list in mind, which already-announced XGS title would you love to get your hands on the most right now? Is it one of the aforementioned 'triple threat' titles for early-mid 2023, or have you already got your thoughts locked on what fall 2023 and beyond could bring for Team Xbox?

Here at Pure Xbox HQ we'd love to see Ninja Theory deliver Hellblade 2 this year - we're still not over that incredible The Game Awards 2021 demo! Thankfully, it sounds like the team is ready to talk more about its upcoming projects in the weeks and months ahead.

Which announced Xbox Game Studios title would you most like to be playing in 2023? Vote in the poll and if we've missed one you're particularly excited for, pick 'other' and let us know!

Which Are You Most Excited For Right Now?