Xbox's first Developer Direct showcased five major games in the end, and the surprise of the lot was the new Tango Gameworks title Hi-Fi RUSH. Not only was it announced, but it's also been made immediately available on Xbox Game Pass.

While we're busy working on our own impressions (update: these are now live!), we've decided to round up a few immediate thoughts from Xbox fans, and even some players on other platforms (like Steam). So, here's what players are saying so far on the Xbox subreddit - overall, they seem to be quite impressed!

"I can't believe how amazing this game is. Played through an hour and I was hooked. I'll see how much I play through tonight. So damn good."

"If you are on Game Pass, get this now! Personally, it’s the most fun I have had with a new game for a while now, more so because it was a surprise shadow drop. Gameplay reminds me of classic third-person action games like the old God of War titles but combined with the gorgeous aesthetic reminiscent of Jet Set Radio games; there are even some elements of the Spider-Man Into the Spider-verse film, such as sounds being accompanied by written text (“snap” next to Chai’s fingers), as well as the use of dithered shadows. The music is great so far (I’ve finished the first level). Highly recommend you try this ASAP!"

"I've been playing this for the past hour and I'm blown away... This game feels incredible to play, and while the humor I'm sure isn't for everyone, it's exactly for me. Genuinely funny, incredibly tight gameplay with satisfying combos, gorgeous visuals... this came out of nowhere and is just hitting every box perfectly."

"After playing it, this game feels like pure quality fun where the devs show they really cared about the game. Nintendo quality mixed with Sunset Overdrive vibes, definitely a truly great game coming from Microsoft/Xbox. The rhythm part is optional, but damn does it feel amazing."

Over on Steam, the game is currently sitting on 4.5 out of 5 stars - with a "very positive" rating. Here's a sample of what PC players are saying:

"While I have only just started playing, I can already tell this game is as delightful to play as it looks. The charm, personality, artstyle, combat, story (from what I have seen so far) and most importantly the rhythm are all fantastic, and the flow between all of those things is incredibly good. For a rhythm-based action platformer, this may be the best implementation and execution of that idea I have ever seen."

"Yea, I just started playing, but this is one of those games you feel is going to be great to play through...Xbox should do more of these types of games"

"This is literally all I wanted from No Straight Roads. An actual rhythm game where you attack on beat. It's so much fun and it's only 30 bucks. Looks great, sounds great and is generally just fun. Highly recommended"

Even Xbox head Phil Spencer is getting in on the fun:

So, there you go - a positive reception so far! You can learn more about the latest shadow drop in our previous story:

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How are you finding Hi-Fi RUSH on Xbox Series X|S so far?