Turn 10 Studios has provided a brand-new look at Forza Motorsport during today's Xbox Developer Direct event, and it's looking rather incredible we must admit. The team's latest iteration of high-speed track racing brings 500+ cars, including over 100 that are new for the series, to Xbox Series X and S (and PC) racers in 2023.

The most impressive sounding elements of today's showcase, for us, revolve around ray tracing. Turn 10 says that Forza Motorsport not only features fully ray traced global illumination, but it also runs on-track at full 4K / 60FPS on Xbox Series X. Wow!

Forza 8

It's not all about the visuals though - Forza is getting a serious upgrade under the hood. The team says that the upcoming title features more advancements in driving physics than Forza Motorsport 5, 6, and 7 combined.

We didn't see any of the single-player campaign or the game's multiplayer in great detail, but Turn 10 did deliver a few little tidbits that certainly intrigue us. The team says that online multiplayer is completely overhauled from previous entries, and that the game features a "car building focused single-player career mode".

Sadly, we got no further release date announcement beyond a pretty broad "2023" launch window. Given that Microsoft had previously said Spring '23, we'd expect this one to be a good few months away yet.

What do you think to these new Forza Motorsport details? Let us know!