Wow. Stuff just happens doesn't it. You spend your whole week waiting and expecting a big game remake to drop that's gonna be the main topic of conversation for January 2023 (although the Dead Space Remake does look excellent) and then Tango Gameworks goes and stealth drops an absolute banger out of nowhere to reprioritise your priorities. We've been thoroughly reprioritised.

Hi-Fi RUSH, and we don't want to get too excited because we'll need to play the whole thing first, but listen, Shinji Mikami vibes all over this one. Shinji. The master. It's got that unique Vanquish vibe, dare we say's got that God Hand thing going on. You know that thing, yeah? That mad perfect meshing of saccharine style, OTT gameplay, pumping music and cheesy attitude that just makes you sit back and smile and....oh yeah...this is videogames, baby.

There's Crazy Taxi flavour here too, Crazy Taxi and Vanquish and God Hand all in the same breath? What's going on? But that's the vibe so far. Hi-Fi RUSH is a rhythm action game, attack enemies to the beat, just like last year's excellent Metal: Hellsinger, except here it feels even better, fresher, more fluid. It's easier to comprehend the beats, to let the music get under your skin more naturally. Listen, Metal: Hellsinger is a banger, play it and love it, but this instantly puts it in its place. This is stylish stuff, incredibly addictive, self-assured, swaggering into the room fully aware that it's fantastic and polished and original.

We'll be bringing you a review of this one as soon as we can but for now, get it downloaded off Xbox Game Pass and get stuck in. There's tight platforming, moreish combat, slick visuals and banging tunes to get involved in here people!

What do you think of Hi-Fi Rush so far? Tell us down in the comments section below.

How are you finding Hi-Fi RUSH on Xbox Series X|S so far?