343 Adds New Big-Team Infection Mode To Halo Infinite

343 Industries has been doing good work with Halo Infinite over the last few seasons, adding plenty of new maps, modes, weapons and more into the multiplayer mix in recent months. Sometimes, the team gets a little experimental with its new modes, and that's exactly what it's done with the new 'Workshop BTB Infection' mode.

Added this week around spooky season, the new spin on Infection is the mode "amped up to the next level", featuring higher player counts and a team of four infected from the beginning. As the BTB tag hints at, matches here take place on some of Halo Infinite's bigger arenas, with a super-quick movement speed for the infected team.

We've only had a wee go with the mode so far but it seems good fun - matches have been fast and frantic with plenty of thrilling chases as we've tried to avoid our inevitably infected fate. We'll be trying to squeeze some more games in later this week!

Speaking of which, we're not entirely sure how long Workshop BTB Infection will be sticking around. 343 describes the mode as an "experimental" playlist, so there's every chance it could be taken out of rotation and tweaked as players continue to try the mode out and give feedback. With that in mind, it might be worth giving this one a go soon to see what you think.

Are you still messing around with Halo Infinite multiplayer? Do let us know down below.