Pretty much since the launch of Halo Infinite we've heard rumblings about a battle royale mode potentially being in development over at Xbox, but if you're itching to play a Halo BR right now, it might be worth turning to this new Forge Mode creation.

As YouTuber jackfrags has demoed up above, 'The Forge Falcons' have launched a battle royale mode made within Halo Infinite's Forge toolset - and the mode is live and playable right now. It's named 'Inheritor', and it's even getting substantial updates as fans begin to play and test out the mode on live servers.

We've not had the chance to dip into this ourselves just yet, but ever since the above video dropped into our sub boxes we've been keen to try this Halo Infinite battle royale mode out. Sure, it's not quite an in-house developed effort, but it looks very impressive so far!

Anyway, we just thought we'd bring your attention to 'Inheritor' because it sure looks like its creators are putting lots of effort into keeping the mode going and adding new features - as Halo fans get stuck into all it has to offer. Halo Infinite is really gathering pace during Season 5, isn't it?

Are you going to give Halo Infinite 'Inheritor' a whirl? If you've played it, tell us what you think so far!