Earlier this week, 343 Industries unveiled Halo Infinite Season 5: Reckoning would be launching on 17th October.

The multiplayer component of the title has made a lot of changes over the past seasons and this next one will introduce new modes, customisation, a new Battle Pass, and much more. As part of this, the developer has now also shared a preview of the new arena maps coming to the game.

First up is Prism. Here's a summary courtesy of Halo Waypoint:

"Prism is an asymmetrical arena map set on Suban, one of the moons of Sanghelios. It’s where the blamite crystals are mined to be used as ammunition for needle-based weaponry, so it boasts an incredibly unique aesthetic that we’ve not really seen in Halo before."

In addition to this is Forbidden:

"Forbidden is a map that is visually defined by the ancient stone ruins that strongly evoke the aesthetic of Delta Halo, similar to Forest in Season 4. It’s a symmetrical arena map with snipers on either side, long sightlines, and Power Equipment in the middle—so it’s a map that we think will play really well with competitive, but it’s also a space that you’re just going to want to wander around and explore in a custom game."

You can learn more about both of these maps on Halo Waypoint. 343 has also released a preview for Extraction:

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