343 Drops New Look At Remade Halo 3 Maps For Upcoming Halo Infinite Mode

'Halo 3 Refueled' is a new Halo Infinite multiplayer mode arriving later on during Season 5, and ahead of its addition next month, the team at 343 Industries has showcased a bunch of new images featuring its selection of remade maps.

We have classics like Guardian, High Ground, Narrows and The Pit here - and in total there are eight old-school Halo 3 arenas returning for this playlist. Here's a look at those maps, courtesy of developer 343 Industries:

We're quite excited about this one to be honest. Halo 3 was such a vibe back in the day, but we must admit, we have gotten used to the feeling of Halo Infinite and its combat these days. All of those classic maps planted into one Infinite playlist though? We're so on board for this when it arrives on November 14th!

That's not all for the remainder of Halo Infinite Season 5 either. The much-loved Firefight is returning as a new 'King of the Hill' variant sometime during the fifth season - we'll bring news on the co-op mode's arrival when we hear more.

Are you playing this mode when it arrives next month? Tell us your future Halo plans down below.