Trepang2 Makes The 'Top Paid' Xbox Charts Following Five-Star Xbox Launch

You may recall that back in early September, we talked about an "outrageously violent" single-player shooter that was coming to Xbox in the form of Trepang2, and that game ended up launching for Xbox last week on October 2nd.

It was a fairly overlooked release given how busy things have been in the AAA space on Xbox lately, but nevertheless it's already found its way into the "Top Paid" Xbox chart in multiple countries. In fact, the game has received over 100 user reviews on the Xbox Store in the U.S. where it currently holds a 4.9/5 rating (displayed as five stars!).

Here's what some of those user reviews have had to say about it:

"I've waited 3 months to play this ever since I heard it was on PC. And it does not disappoint; sometimes reminds me of BLACK for the OG Xbox.. You should mention to everyone that you are adding a multi-level horde mode in the near future like the PC version just got.. It will help your sales "

"I'd like to thank the devs and anyone else involved for delivering such an amazing game. I've been itching for a new FEAR or a new Crysis game for a while now, and this flawlessly delivers both in one ultra-violent slow-mo floor-sliding package. Oh yeah, it runs GREAT too! Can you believe it, a game as good looking as this? I'm impressed! Thank you!"

"DOOM's Chaos mixed with Crysis and F.E.A.R's visually stunning and addicting gunplay. This is digitized euphoria at every moment. I cant praise this game enough. No microtransactions, no ifs ands or buts when it comes to what you get. What you get is a solid story, the most satisfying gunplay since Doom Eternal (and debatably before), more horde maps than you could ever want to experience the thrilling combat all over again. Series S user, incredibly optimized."

"This is a no bull fps. It is true to its roots. This is FEAR and DOOM ETERNAL all in one. Smooth performance and quality gunplay and challenging as it needs to be. This is well worth the money and time."

Not a bad start, then! The professional reviews for the Xbox version are much harder to come by, with Metacritic only showing two of them right now - a 7.5/10 and a 6/10. Our sister site Push Square also recently took a look at Trepang 2, giving it a "Good" 7/10 score in their review for the PlayStation 5 version.

It sounds like that five-star Xbox Store rating is perhaps a little misleading, but nevertheless there's clearly a well-liked and highly intriguing game here. If you like the sound of becoming the "ultimate badass" in a single-player experience that lasts a few hours (or even 10-15 hours if you're a completionist), it might be worth giving it a try.

Have you played Trepang2 yet? Tell us down in the comments section below.

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