Update (Mon 4th Sep, 2023): We've got a date! Trepang 2 launches for Xbox Series X|S on October 2nd, 2023.

Original story (Thu 22nd Jun, 2023): This week marked the release of a brand-new single-player shooter called Trepang2 on Steam (for PC), and if you've been liking the look of it, you'll be glad to know that it's also coming to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in late 2023!

The game is described as a "gory, action-packed FPS set in the near future" in which you play as an escaped soldier with supernatural abilities. It takes the form of a single-player campaign (there's no multiplayer here), and you can expect around 5-8 hours' worth of gameplay in your initial playthrough.

Reviews for Trepang2 on PC have been good so far - the game has a "Very Positive" rating on Steam, while its Metacritic score currently sits at 76 based on 12 professional reviews. Sounds like it's worth looking out for!

We'll throw some more details about Trepang2 below, along with screenshots.

"You play as an escaped soldier, who has no memories of their past life, but is infused with supernatural abilities. Revenge is on your mind, and you’ll stop at nothing to get what you want. Deliver devastating punches, sneak around in the shadows, wield explosive weapons, and give the bad guys a taste of their own medicine."

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