Halo Infinite Hits Highest Steam Player Count In Over A Year As Season 5 Lands

There's quite a bit of hype building around Halo Infinite Season 5 at the moment - and that hype is already translating into a healthy PC player bump for 343 Industries and Microsoft. We're not talking astronomical numbers here, but the Steam version of Halo Infinite surpassed 15k concurrent players yesterday for the first time since April 2022.

The exact player count high since Season 5 landed is 18,007 at the time of writing according to SteamDB, and this is the first time the game has gotten close to its 20k+ number back in April of last year. It's been a solid start to the new season of Halo Infinite then - and that's not to mention the Xbox & Microsoft Store player bases either!

There's a buzz surrounding the game's online communities right now too; you only have to check in on the Halo or Halo Infinite subreddits to see lots of fans hyped about Season 5 and what's to come for the rest of the season and beyond. We already know about Firefight's grand return and the arrival of a nostalgia-fueled Halo 3 playlist dropping later on during the game's current season, so there seems plenty to get excited about in the coming weeks.

We've only had chance to play a few matches of Halo Infinite Season 5 so far here at PX HQ - but we're impressed with some of the more subtle changes 343 has made here. The menus feel snappy and clean, and just navigating around the multiplayer area feels a lot nicer than it did last season. The new backgrounds are a lovely touch as well - and the two brand-new arena maps have been good fun so far.

Anyway, it's just nice to see Halo Infinite thriving, isn't it? After a troubled launch period 343 has begun turning things around nicely, and we're now starting to see a healthy player number bump alongside Season 5's arrival. Here's to more Halo Infinite success in future!

How are you feeling about Halo Infinite at the moment? Use the comments to tell us your thoughts on the game's new direction, and of Season 5, so far!