343 Industries has just lifted the lid on Halo Infinite Season 5, and it looks jam-packed with multiplayer goodies. The new season begins on October 17, and above is just a taste of what's on the way to Halo Infinite.

We're getting a returning game mode from Halo 4 in the form of 'Extraction', two brand-new arena maps, flood-themed customisation options, AI in Forge mode creations and lots, lots more.

Speaking of lots more, although it won't be ready at the launch of Season 5 next week, 343 has confirmed the return of Firefight with 'Firefight King of the Hill'. This new take on Halo's famous co-op mode is "coming soon to Season 5" - but not on day one.

We'll be right there to jump into Firefight when it does arrive, as we've been hankering for some wave-based Halo Infinite co-op since the game first launched. In the meantime, you can dip into the Season 5 multiplayer content next Tuesday, October 17.

Will you be playing 'Firefight King of the Hill' in Halo Infinite? Let us know down in the comments section!