Reaction: Halo Infinite Should Focus On More Co-Op Experiences After The Return Of Firefight

During yesterday's Halo Infinite Season 5 trailer, the team at 343 Industries revealed that some form of Firefight is returning to the game with 'Firefight King of the Hill'. We don't have all the details just yet on what this objective-based spin on Firefight will actually look like, but we're excited about it, and the prospect of more PvE Halo Infinite is something that excites us here at PX HQ.

In the months since Halo Infinite's arrival on the scene in late 2021, it's been obvious that the game's multiplayer component needed building out. It was barebones at launch to say the least, but since then the team has added lots of new features and content to the game's online offering - such as a new ranking system, Forge mode, limited-time playlists, new weapons, new maps, new cosmetics and more.

However, we'd now argue that MP is about where it needs to be to thrive, and we'd love for 343 to explore other aspects of Halo Infinite in greater detail. We're not saying it's time to abandon the online portion of Infinite, but more PvE experiences would be great for those of us who don't always want to get continually owned in competitive PvP.

Ever since the team moved its focus away from campaign we've been hankering for more co-op Halo Infinite - the combat is just so good and the game deserves to be fleshed out more in a PvE setting. Will this new version of Firefight satiate us for a while in that department? We hope so, but we also hope it's not the end for co-op updates to Halo Infinite.

First off, a classic version of Firefight similar to Halo: Reach's effort would be great, but... why stop there? The game's campaign has a huge open sandbox that could be rife for new and unique co-op modes outside of the main story, and we wonder if this could be a new direction for the title given that campaign DLC seems a no-go at this point. Remember 'Spartan Ops' from Halo 4? New co-op missions on a regular basis would be great for PvE preferers - alongside smaller additions to the multiplayer suite of course.

Anyway, for now we're happy that Firefight King of the Hill has shown us that 343 is still considering new co-op experiences for Halo Infinite. We just hope that the team doesn't stop there!

Do you want more co-op to come to Halo Infinite? Leave your thoughts on this topic down below.