Fallout 4's New Next-Gen Update Is Getting Much Better Feedback On Xbox

Bethesda's big next-gen update for Fallout 4 initially launched on Xbox with a bit of a whimper, but the team has just issued a brand-new patch for the upgrade - and it seems to be going down much better with players so far.

We're seeing reports that all of the different visual and performance modes are now working as intended - unlike at launch where the modes looked awfully similar on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

However, one issue does still seem to be cropping up in Fallout 4 next-gen, and that's related to the game's VATS targeting system. Folks on both Xbox and other platforms are reporting that the feature isn't working properly right now, as was the case prior to yesterday's update as well.

Update 2's patch notes didn't mention VATS at all, and we're hoping that the team at Bethesda can smooth that particular feature out in a future patch. Once that's all sorted, Fallout 4 next-gen should be in much better shape for players across all platforms - including on Xbox Series X and S.

Have you tested all of this out yet? Let us know your initial thoughts down below.